A Private Network
dedicated to you and your business
quantum performance communications


Industry Perfomance
Dedicated Private Network

Private networks are the preferred way to power digital transformation by connecting devices, industrial sites and augmenting workers.theSingular® 5G is a next-generation, private network, tailored to drive Industry 4.0, the modernization and digitalization of infrastructures and business process operations. Organizations gain secure and powerful 4G/LTE and 5G Standalone (SA) connectivity allowing you to optimize and simplify business operations through data creation, collection, and analysis.

Connecting Devices,

Industrial Sites and augmenting Workers

Built on theSingular successful 4G/5G radio and dual mode core technology, theSingular Private 5G unlocks a wide variety of innovative use cases for both indoor and outdoor environments while easily integrating with business operations, devices and applications. As a result, companies can improve productivity and create more value for customers, all while using a solution that is secure and more environmentally friendly.

Dedicated to Digital Transformation through -
Data Protection - Operating Efficiency - from Complication to Simplicity

Mining Private cellular networks are supplying the enhanced connectivity to reach deep into any mine, allowing for safer, more productive, and sustainable mining operations.

Energy utility companies all over the world are responding to the accelerating need for smarter ways to control the flow of energy.

Manufacturing Private cellular networks are unlocking the potential of Industry 4.0, and making connected manufacturing equipment a reality


  • Dependable
  • Secure Data Protection
  • Simple Integrations
  • Fast and Efficient

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