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Resolve your business challenges through our world-class innovation. Common business challenges in the mining industry: Lacking real-time insight into the production and performance outputs of their assets, mine management and control center teams have to manage operations.retrospectively after shifts and through manual paper capturing. This dictates workforce management and production targets, which can negatively affect employees, equipment, production output, planning and forecasting in such a highly margin-sensitive industry.

Harnesses sensory equipment, coupled with our virtual IoT gateway system. Sensor data (including RFID,Environmental sensors, PLC and CanBUS integration) is fed into our Workflow component, where behavior rules and instant notifications (email and sms) can be defined.Areas of integration: • Underground Production Equipment, • Ventilation Doors, • Identified Water, Airflow and Air Quality • Monitoring Points

Intelligent Tyre- beyond the physical use of a tyre, to its careful management.The Intelligent Tyre is traceable, with a complete history stored in the Cloud. Sensors measure pressure, temperature, tread depth, road condition, axle load and wheel alignment. When we combine passive RFID tracking with active Bluetooth sensing, we create a high value system that maximises performance, and safety.

Smart Buildings

Companies interested in automating processes and adopting new IoT technologies are turning to Smart Buildings solutions in to improve their operations capabilities.Smart meters are the fastest growing IoT technology segment as companies try to optimise their energy use in the face of increasing global demand for power. The IoT is allowing companies to bring siloed systems together under the same platform, companies that maintain their legacyarchitecture risk being unable to scale at the pace of the competition. Use cases include: Occupancy Monitoring Real-time entrance & people counting Meeting room & desk occupancy Non-invasive sensors Space planning, Environmental Sensing Indoor air quality monitoring Lighting, Temperature, humidity, CO² H&S Compliance

Energy Management

theSingular® offers a solution that has the flexibility to work with existing devices and services and that will derive immediate value. Start managing energy vs. occupancy. Legacy systems run at higher than normal energy load factors, which means equipment is run sub-optimally. This translates into organisations' excessive expenditure on wasted energy. The primary objective of the theSingular® energy management solution is to reduce load factors by controlling and switching off any equipment when not required, thereby optimizing the use of energy systems in real-time.

Manufacturing with theSingular IoT

Next-gen Processes & Systems

Mnufacturing Vertical Deep-Dive IoT Platform Deployment: from Connected Fleet Solution Smart Fridge / Connected cold chain Solution Smart Lock Solution Smart Condition Monitoring People Counting Solution, Connected Plant Connect existing PLC’s and controllers Integrate SCADA systems Automate manual activities through integration RFID Inventory Management & Asset Tracking Preventative & Predictive Maintenance, Centralised view of machine utilization Planning and Scheduling enabling etc.


Smart Telecoms Base Station Solution

We developed a seamless base station experience through an aggregated IoT ecosystem that links all their systems and sub-systems, providing real-time, hyper contextualized information that aids business intelligence, process efficiencies, proactive maintenance, reduced manual intervention and proactive incident management.

Smart Logistics and Fleet Management

Asset Management with IoT Based Cargo Tracking Solutions

Track and Trace your shipment or flight status information easily with set alerts and devices. IoT solution Provider for indoor localisation and tracking. #1 Cost-effective, high scalable & low maintainess RTLS IoT indoor positioning solutions

Smarter Fleet Management with theSingular IoT

1Fleet Management.
Leveraging vehicle tracking data via geofencing technology, where operators can now control the exact routes the fleet vehicles may travel, which ensures the safety of the customers renting the vehicles and minimizes theft by avoiding known hotspots. Customized management reports for each vehicle enabling historical and future insights into the utilization, trends, and cost-benefit analysis per vehicle, digitalizing the entire Fleet Management process.
2Smart Logistics.
theSingular is bringing visibility to operators by implementing its industry-leading VRaptor™ virtual intelligent edge technology, which enables integration and communication from various data sources such as the vehicle OBDII port, CANbus, and existing Fleet Management company tracking systems into one end-to-end visualization. The Commander™ displays the vehicle view, bringing critical vehicle data insights to the operators like real-time alerts for accidents, theft, unauthorized stops, and routes.
3New business logic.
Greater possibilities can be realized when adopting 5G and/or MPN communications with this theSingular® implementation. The 5G spectrum allows for greater control of fleet vehicles across greater distances. The amount of data insights from a fleet of vehicles operating at the same time exponentially increases the business expansion potential with the capabilities that 5G offers is low latency, allowing for thousands of vehicles to be monitored in real-time, providing customer assurance, safety, and predictability.
4New customer benefit.
5G offers fast and reliable connections ensuring quick decision making when alerted of an incident involving one of the fleet vehicles. Alerts can simultaneously be triggered to notify the nearest authorities and emergency services, also alerting the customers’ next of kin of the event, all in real-time. 5G networks connect things at a rate and scale we have never experienced before, theSingular® and 5G networks can make this futuristic scenario a reality today.

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